Previous Winners

Winner 2016: Surgical Partners Marcus Wilson & Dr Richard Smith

Surgical Partners is a financial management platform for medical practices. Its system integrates with any healthcare accounting system and splits the doctor’s bills into practice share, and doctor share, in real time.

In 2017, Surgical Partners was selected as a Business of Tomorrow one of 200 outstanding businesses Westpac has recognised as having the drive to help shape the future of Australia.


Winner 2015: Agdraft                                 Ella Shannon

Finding a labour fit for all the ranges of casual farming jobs has always been a major problem in agriculture, one that that is acknowledged as holding back productivity in the sector.


AgDraft is an online marketplace for farmers to post jobs to an extended network of workers that are effectively “referenced checked” by their peers, making hiring quick and reliable.


Winner 2014: realAs                           David Morrell, Andrew Newbold & Josh Rowe

realAs is a free website and app that helps home buyers and investors find out what homes will really sell for.

Similar to its America counterparts Zillow and Trulia, the app provides accurate predictions of property sale prices alongside a forum where buyers can exchange information about individual homes.