2017 People’s Choice

Voting has now been closed. For more information on the People’s Choice prize please proceed to our official press release.


Rewatch the Live Pitch

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(From Left to Right) Kate Cooper (Westpac), Samantha Sidwell (TIP Partners), Joel Robbie (Nod), Tim Walmsley (BenchOn), Christopher Dyer (TIP Partners), Evan Wong (Checkbox), and Alastair Blenkin (Blenktech).

Business-to-business supplier sourcing platform for the Professional Services sector. BenchOn creates a new talent pool of professionals by matching business’ idle staff, who are perhaps in between projects, to short-term contracts with reputable companies and Government Agencies.
CEO: Tim Walmsley

Cloud-based software service revolutionising high-volume contract negotiation on behalf of big businesses. Blenktech accelerates agreement between parties, improves outcomes, reduces costs and mitigates risks.
Director: Alastair Blenkin

A no-code platform that enables the digital transformation of regulation into software using a drag-and-drop interface. Checkbox allows people to build software without a developer, so users are able to quickly prototype, deploy, and react to regulatory changes in a faster and more cost-effective way.
Co-Founder: Evan Wong

Digital platform where people get advice about money from a financial expert on-demand. The platform is aimed at financial professionals and includes an artificial intelligence solution that automates a client fact-finding process and produces Statement of Advice documents.
Founder & CEO: Joel Robbie

TIP Partners
A platform that supports the administrative and legal set up, investment decision making and execution, as well as the ongoing management of trust accounts for beneficiaries. The service aims to address and disrupt the $10bn in legal trust accounts earning no interest for the rightful owner.
Co-Founder: Christopher Dyer & Samantha Sidwell